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I’d like to book a table for 2 next Saturday at 8PM
Sounds good! You just booked a table for 2 on the 16/4 at 8PM. Would you like to be reminded a day before?
No thanks
Thanks, we’ll send you a message on Friday then 👍 See you soon!
A pleasure to see that we've been able to meet your expectations.

In order to support us, we invite you to give your opinion on our TripAdvisor page.
Ok! It will automatically open TripAdvisor in 3… 2… 1…
Congratulations John!! As a reward to your loyalty, we are pleased to offer you this little treat 👇

Freshy-Shake Free

Come and taste one of our best Milk-shakes! See you soon!
Take this gift
Hey John 👋 here is your program for the end of your day in Paris!

Le Louvres Museum

A must do in Paris, don’t miss the French most famous museum.
Pay on Messenger


Allow customers to book a table/room through Facebook Messenger.
Automatically send them the details of the reservation and a timely reminder.


Receive valuable information on how good was your customer’s experience.
Automatically send the most satisfied on TripAdvisor and the others to give you feedbacks.


Reward the most loyal customers according to your loyalty program.
Automatically reach out with relevant offers and promotions.


Forget travel app and build an entire smart travel companion through Messenger.
Automatically send tailored notifications thanks to deep machine learning.
And a lot of other applications, like fast check-in/out, in-room ordering, payments in messenger, messenger newsletters

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